White London taxi

White London taxi

The white London taxi we are offering for hire is from the same fleet and worked in the same luxury hotel as our retro-look Black cab ‘Singapore‘. White as original color is relatively rare for a London taxi.


Much like the retro-look Black Cab, our white London taxi is equipped with air conditioning to combat the heat of Singapore … Equally equipped as our other cabs, the white London taxi also has a full audio system (USB, Bluetooth, or MP3). Come with your music!


taxi anglais blanc décoration florale voiture de mariage
taxi anglais blanc avec les mariés sur le parvis de la cathedrale d'auxerre
taxi anglais blanc white wedding cab voiture de mariage vec chauffeur décoration pour mariage noeuds de mariage tulles blancs

Tariff & Reservation


In order to know the tariff for your event, please write to us indicating the location, the details and the time schedule of your event.



Please write to us in order to reserve your white London taxi.