Professional events- TaxiFun’s References

Our professionnal events: TaxiFun’s references

The professional events we have been working for have made us meet exceptional people and great professionals. These are our references:

Professional encounters

We have driven Buzz Aldrin and Michel Jonasz. We have been filming with Guillaume Gallienne. Our London and New York taxis have been seen by thousands of people all these years we havebeen active as professional renters for events. Our Cabs have seen on board singles, newly weds, old couples, families with their children, famous people… You name it.

The London Black Cab has often been rented as the powerful and undeniable icon of London and the “so british”. The New York Yellow Cab is a symbol on it’s own for all the aspects a marketing campaign would search for on the theme USA and New York.

Videos and Images

We present you here with some of our most beautiful professional events in motion picture and photo:Voici quelques-uns de nos plus beaux événements professionnels en images et vidéos.

Louis Vuitton- “City Guides”

For the Louis Vuitton City guides, TaxiFun has brought the black cab you see in this video? and we have driven the car in the clip for this advert.

Le Mans Classic

The Le Mans Classic edition 2008 has officially been started by Buzz Aldrin giving de typical “Le Mans style” departure to the pilots. 

Nous avons assuré la navette VIP lors de cette édition de la course de voitures anciennes, et eu l’immense honneur de conduire l’homme qui a été sur la lune, des paddocks jusqu’à sa voiture avec chauffeur…

Filming with Guillaume Gallienne

For the movie Me, Myself and Mum by Guillaume Gallienne in 2013, TaxiFun has provided the Black cab that brings Guillaume to his school in the UK. See the scence when he arrives and is greated by the female director of this college.

Our London taxi in Me, Myself and Mum by Guillaume Gallienne.

Video Clip for Vitalic

We have provided and driven the Black Cab you seen in this official video clip Fade away by Vitalic, realized by SoLab.


Street marketing action #Minicabofsound

Six London taxis with full coverings of Ministry of Sound and J&B Whisky have been driving all night in Paris for four week ends, in order to assure this huge french and english publicity campaign: Black Cabs equiped with light and sound systems in the passenger compartments, in order to give the customers of the participating bars and restaurants free rides home,as well in Paris as in London. TaxiFun has brought five out of the six London taxis in Paris to the event, and has also been the technical support team during the event for all cabs.

taxi anglais avec signalétique minicabofsound pour action streetmarketing paris tour eiffel
Mini Cab of Sound in Paris

Filming with François Favrat

For the movie Boomerang by François Favrat, TaxiFun has sent the London taxi and the driver to Paris.

Street marketing for the sports newspaper “L’Equipe”

Distribution of the Wordl’s biggest newspaper: L’équipe has realized this marketing action for the opening of the Olympic games in 2012, in Paris. This giant newspaper has been distributed by London taxis.

la une du plus grand journal du monde l'equipe coureur à pied arrivée sous tower bridge a londres

Street marketing in a unique Pink London taxi: Gemmyo and the Fashionweek

The young parisian jeweler Gemmyo and the famous Patisier Fauchon have done a joined venture in order to realize a unique marketing action during the Fashioweek in Paris: The have created maccarons in a special box and distributed them on board of the only Pink London taxi in France, ours!

vue d'en haut du taxi anglais rose de TaxiFun avec l'équipe de Gemmyo joaillier de Paris pour action street marketing pendant la Fashionweek
Pink London taxi by TaxiFun and the Gemmyo team ready to distribute the Fauchon Maccarons at different places in Paris, during the Fashionweek.

Incentive for the bank group Crédit Agricole-Sofinco

This big french banking group has organized incentive days on the theme of New York in several cities in France. The have rented our New York Checker Marathon Yellow Cab for the occasion, for their headquarters in Paris

taxi new yorkais jaune yellow cab publicite sofinco

They called us back also for an incentive night at Montparnasse, Paris. And for their Group SOFINCO in Roubaix, North of France, we have driven there our Crown Victoria Yellow Cab for an incentive day.

Michel Jonasz on board of our Checker Marathon Yellow Cab

TaxiFun has had the pleasure to drive singer Michel Jonasz to the gala Victoires du Jazz 2019 at the Casino de Paris, on board of our Checker Marathon Yellow Cab.

victoires du jazz 2019 michel jonasz taxi new yorkais casino de parisel