Professional Events

London taxi and New York taxi for professional events

The London taxi as well as the New York taxi are excellent for professional communication purposes.

We offer our black cabs and yellow cabs for your professional events: mobile advertising operations, VIP shuttles, product launches, film shoots, static advertisements, photo shoots, and any other request.

London Black Cab and New York Yellow Cab

Both the Black Cab and the Yellow Cab are immediately recognized. They leave no one indifferent. Even those who have never set foot in London or New York instantly notice the very particular silhouette of the London taxi and the New York taxi.

Advertisement display

The sides of the Yellow Cab and Black Cab are perfect in size for displaying advertising or the message you want to convey. Another effective means for visibility: micro-perforated adhesives and adhesive lettering on the windows.

Our models

We offer two models of New York taxis: A Checker Marathon Yellow Cab from1979, classical icon of the city of New York, and the more modern Yellow Cab Crown Victoria, represented in two slightly different cars.

Our London taxis are all the Fairway shaped model, with the bulletproof engine by Nissan!

Our rates

For every professional event we will give you a personnalized quote, depending on requirements as timing, nature of the event and distances to go for the car from and to the garage location.


Please make contact with us for every question and requirement. We will reply to every quote request individually.

Our events

We would like to show you some of the events we contributed to with our London and New York taxis.

We also share with you this link to our references: professional events, videos and movies.

Sample distribution

The pink London taxi, unique in France, is the team car for the young parisian jeweler Gemmyo, for a street marketing action during the Fashionweek in Paris: Gemmyo and Fauchon distribute macarons in a box specially created for the event. The pink London taxi is the mobile sample distribution point and gives the whole marketing action an excellent visibility.

Pink London taxis with the Gemmyo team for sample distribution, Paris
Pink London taxi for sample distribution

Street marketing

Street marketing action in Paris: Name of the action: “Minicab of Sound”. A joined venture of the Whisky brand J&B and the emblematic London dance floor and sound system Ministry of Sound. For five weeks, six London taxis drive in Paris day and night. They carry the visual adverts of both the brands on their bodywork (full covering) and a sound and light system in the passenger compartment. Visibility on social networks thanks to the hashtag #minicabofsound is excellent. You can book your cab for free, as long as you are a client of a bar or restaurant partner of the event, and you’ll be carried home safe at all times.

Black London taxi with a full covering #minicabofsound, Paris.
Black London taxi for Street marketing

Exhibition for commercial action “So British” in malls

For a commercial week on the theme “So British”, one of our black London taxis is on a static exhibition inside a big and well known mall. Animations on the theme of Great Britain and promotions on British products complete the marketing effect.

Taxi anglais noir exposé au centre commercial pour action "So british".
Black London taxi for marketing action in malls

New York taxi for incentive

The New York taxi Checker Marathon is exhibited in front of the headquarters of an important banking group. It is part of an incentive on the theme of New York.

Taxi new-yorkais Yellow Cab exposé devant le siège du Crédit Agricole à Massy, en Ile-de-France, pour une publicité Sofinco.
New York taxi for incentive

Professional events- Our references

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